Day 29: The Best Fit

When I was in my last organisation, I organised several agency pitches. We would pit together the top creative and planning minds from across several agencies and measure them on capability, resourcing, ‘out-of-the-box thinking’ and of course pricing. Being an MBA, I’d been hardwired to draw up matrices and bubble charts to gauge them and … Continue reading Day 29: The Best Fit

Day 27: The Gujju Gene

Being a Gujarati, I’ve always been assumed to be a miser and an astute businesswoman. While the former is true in many respects (lets just say I will avoid treating people as long as I can :P) , the DNA string for the latter unfortunately didn’t pass on undiluted. With parents in the academia, grandparents … Continue reading Day 27: The Gujju Gene

Day 26: The NGO Trail

So one of the things on my list was to do something good for someone, in a sustainable way and not as a 100 buck annual donation ‘package’ to some poor child who only exists on a photoshopped brochure. So its natural that I’ve been drawn to opportunities in the social services space. And after … Continue reading Day 26: The NGO Trail

Day 25: The Wedding Jigs

I’ve always thought the problem with job dissatisfaction happens because you begin to expect everything from it. Money, house, respect, rewards, intellectual stimulation, creative challenges and so on. It’s too much to get from one thing, I think. It’s like kissing that frog and wishing for it to turn into Prince Charming. And while we’ve come to … Continue reading Day 25: The Wedding Jigs